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Ruth Addisu 

founder, photographer, editor


Ruth is a certified Audio and Visual Technician, Photographer, and Editor.

Originally from Maryland, Ruth received her Bachelors degree from Towson University in 2018. She majored in Film with a focus in Television Broadcast accompanied with a minor in Women Studies. Her photography experience trails back to 2015. Since then she has taken captured moments and participated in interviews with people from Keri Hilson to Ndaba Mandela. Her event visual experience ranges capturing from baby showers, concerts, and banquets; to setting up lighting and audio for corporate events. 

Her experience doesn’t stop there, she has managed social media accounts for Towson University Admissions, international news broadcasters, and more. She has been featured on a weekly international radio health program, and is the recipient of the 2018 Joe Manns Black Wall Street Award. 

Lastly, Ruth is very passionate about helping others near and abroad. If you would like to contribute your time or, money to an organization(s) spreading love to the world click the 'HOW 2 HELP' link below.

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